"I have been aware of the Spirit World all my life..."

In the 1980's, I remember watching the late great Doris Stokes televised by the BBC live at the London Palladium.

Growing up as an only child that preferred my own company and that of nature, looking back, I always knew things that I had no way of knowing and had my Spirit friends to play with and talk to.


I said to my Mum 'I would love to be able to do that' Mum, being an absolute non-believer, said "really?" with me responding, 'yes of course, what a wonderful thing to be able to do!'

Little did I know at that tender age it was exactly what lay ahead for me. I was around 12 at the time!


The late great Doris Stokes outside the

London Palladium,


Even with this 'verbal contract' with Spirit in mind, I was still a ‘late bloomer’; it took difficult teenage years and the trauma of my dear Mum passing over in 1999 to seek out my very first one to one with a medium based in Amersham, Bucks who, as well as reuniting Mum and I with some very specific evidence, told me that I was very psychic and it was there for me to develop, should I wish too.


Again, I said 'yes, ok'. Little did I know that was signature number two on my contract with Spirit...

"From Soul, through Soul to Soul "~ Silver Birch

Fast forward seven years, a move from the UK to Australia and numerous development courses, sitting in circles and lots and lots airmiles, my professional work with and on behalf of Spirit officially started. That was in 2006...

Moving back to the UK in 2017, I now live in Stoke-on-Trent with my lovely Husband Richard and our tetchy yet affectionate rescue kitty, Miss Millicent, a Mediums Cat.

" I remember watching the the late great Doris Stokes and thinking I would love to be able to do that." 

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